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myVolts Revolt Kit AAA AABESMB1AA921MS

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ReVolt 2-battery kit lets you power any device that needs 2 x AAA batteries from a USB port instead.

Kit contains an AAA bridge cable that gives the device a DC power jack input, an AAA dummy battery and a 3V Ripcord USB cable. The ribbon cable that protrudes is robust enough to deliver power to your device, yet flat enough to allow you to easily close the door on the device's battery compartment.

With ReVolt, you'll never need to put batteries into your device again. You can power it whichever way suits you - from a wall phone charger, a USB port on your laptop, a USB powerbank, a USB wall plug, or even from a USB solar cell.

Included in the 2-battery kit:

  • ReVolt AAA Bridge cable with AAA dummy battery
  • myVolts 3V Ripcord USB to DC power cable, center positive