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Mystic Circuits 0HP 0ttenuator Attenuator (Assembled)

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Two interconnected attenuators that can perform a variety of mixing functions without taking space or power in the rack. Mix, pan or use each attenuator separately. For just 25$ the 0ttenuator does all kinds of useful tasks throughout the rack.‍ The 0ttenuator can: Mix two signals together Send one signal to two places Attenuate two signals separately. Be advised that even when the knobs are all the way up there is a little bit of signal loss.

Whether you need some extra utilities for your studio behemoth or you need to save space on the road, 0HP gives you options. Our modules come as a small circuit board mounted to a colorful piece of laser cut plexiglass, with a small chance to get one of our fabulous rare colors. With a robust line of modules planned in the future, full DIY kits and an open hardware license we aim to make modular synthesis accessible and fun for the veteran and new user alike.