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Look Mum No Computer #1222 Performance VCO

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The first Modular offering from Sam Battle, aka Look Mum No Computer, comes the 1222 Voltage Controlled Oscillator - a synth voice designed to be comprehensive, musical, and instantaneous. Fully featured and packed to brim with some unique and handy tools, the 1222 is ready to be front and center of your modular system being the focal point of your creative endeavors. If you can dream it, the 1222 can voice it! 
1222 VCO

1. Octave Switch adds 0-4 volts—or 5
octaves—to the 1v/oct signal.
2. Fine Tune has a one octave range.
3. Tuner shows the nearest note and
LEDs indicate wether it’s flat (left),
sharp (right) or bang on (middle).
4. Pulse Width can be adjusted from
5. 1v/oct input.
6. Additional Frequency CV input and
7. Pulse Width Modulation CV input
and attenuator.
8. Frequency Sync input. Works best
with simple waveforms.
9. Frequency Modulation CV input.
10. Simultaneous Pulse, Ramp and
Triangle outputs. Note that the outputs
are unipolar audio signals with levels
that vary from +4v to +8V.
11. Calibration Trimmers. See next

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