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Landscape O/O Shorting Bars and Touch Point Kit for Banana Jack Systems

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O/O is a tri-use touch patching implement for banana jack modular systems.

1. AllFlesh style expressive touch patching using your body and hands as patch cables between two (or many more) points in your system. Unlike AllFlesh for 3.5mm systems O/O allows for stacking of other cables.

2. Traditional shorting bar.

3. Touchable shorting bar configuration for systems which accept this standard (ie. Buchla Music Easel). Touch in tandem with other singular plug style configurations.

Similar to AllFlesh, these touch points will attenuate voltages through the skin. Each person’s skin will have a different amount of attenuation over voltage. Using one hand to touch two points is less attenuation than using two hands to bridge connection. Different modules and systems will also respond differently to touch patching. Results are guaranteed to vary between person to person and system to system.

**Soldering along the edges of where the plug meets the plate can be helpful for increased continuity. The tips of the plugs have a collar that can spin around it (egg beater like shape pictured above), if you would like to decrease the touch plate’s ability to move from side to side add a small amount of solder to the tip bridging the gap between the spinning collar and tip.