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Keith McMillen Instruments K-Board Pro 4 Controller

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KBP4 has Smart Fabric Sensors under each key bringing five dimensions of expressivity to your playing


KBP4 is configured like a traditional keyboard, giving you a familiar playing surface so you can start expressing yourself immediately


The KBP4 Editor Software works with Mac, Windows, or in a web browser to fully customize every element of the KBP4 playing experience

K-Board Pro 4 is a four-octave MIDI keyboard controller with multiple dimensions of touch sensitivity in each key. K-Board Pro 4 is MPE compatible, sending attack velocity, release velocity, continuous pressure, horizontal position, and vertical position data to offer the deepest level of expressive playing.

Under each key of K-Board Pro 4 is KMI’s patented Smart Sensor Fabric technology that is at the core of all our MIDI control surfaces. Resilient silicone keys and no moving parts ensure our trademark durability.

K-Board Pro 4 is USB powered and class compliant to ensure both portability and compatibility with macOS, Windows, iOS, Android, as well as MIDI capable hardware.

To use K-Board Pro 4 via MIDI without a computer, check out the Keith McMillen Instruments MIDI Expander.

K-Board 4 case available here