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Intellijel XFADE 1U DJ-Style Stereo Crossfader

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Stereo crossfader with  Innofader™ moving capacitance technology

XFADE 1U is a classic DJ-style stereo crossfader, with a few extra tricks up its sleeve. The  'A' and 'B' sides both have L+R inputs. The crossfader blends two stereo input signals together — crossfading one into the other depending on the position of the slider and the selected XFADE Shape. The blended output appears at the MIX L and MIX R output jacks.

In addition, XFADE 1U can be used as a modulation source for controlling other modules, since the crossfader also outputs control voltages from the CV A and CV B jacks. A switch determines whether these voltages are unipolar (crossfading from 0V to 5V; and 5V to 0V), or bipolar (crossfading from -5V to +5V; and +5V to -5V). The two LEDs indicate the polarity and relative levels of the CV A and CV B signals.

XFADE 1U uses a precision Innofader™ crossfader submodule, with moving capacitance technology for smooth and precise control. This is the same part found on many high-end DJ mixers.

- Smooth and ultra-low friction Innofader™ Mini-Innofader module with moving capacitance technology
- Stereo or Mono operation
- DC coupled inputs and outputs
- Three crossfade shapes: DJ cut,  Constant Power and Linear  
- Unipolar or Bipolar CV outputs

Width: 26HP
Depth: 38mm
Power: 48mA @ +12V / 41mA @ -12
type ["1U","Mixer"]
_hp 26