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Intellijel uVCF State-Variable Filter

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Introducing the µVCF state variable filter.

This is another great David Dixon filter design. It is a very clean and precise filter that also doubles as an excellent sine VCO.

It responds very well to FM and the small size makes it a nice choice for smaller system.

  • low pass (LPF) 2-pole, high pass (HPF) 2-pole and bandpass outputs (BPF) 1-pole.
  • FM1 input acts as 1V/Oct when full CW. Tracks very well over 4+ octaves
  • FM2 input has a bipolar attenuator
  • At full Q you get very low distortion sinewaves with a range of 2Hz to 20Khz

Width: 6HP
Max Depth: 21mm
Power: 25mA @ +12V 24mA @ -12V

_hp 6