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Intellijel Ringmod-1U

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Four quadrant multiplier / active DC coupled ring modulator

Ring Modulation is a classic synthesis technique that takes two source waveforms and generates a third waveform, which contains the sum and difference frequencies of the two inputs.

At audio rates, ring modulation creates a fairly inharmonic and ‘metallic’ sound. At LFO rates, ring modulation can generate interesting and complex modulation shapes.


  • Active ring modulator that uses a high-quality SSI2162 VCA IC.
  • DC coupled so it can be used for both CV and audio.
  • Can be used with unipolar control signals as a linear VCA
  • Very compact size


Width 6HP
Depth 32mm
Power 25mA @ +12V
20mA @ -12V
type ["Audio Effect","CV Effect"]
_hp 6