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Heterodox Records - Sonic Adventurer's Consortium Vol. 4 CD

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Descend into the inky, multivalent depths of the Pacific Northwest's electronic scene.

The Pacific Northwestern underground is a dense tangle of knotty, gnarled rootwork and cold, dark water, chitinous insects scrabbling past delicate bones in search of the sun. It's an impenetrable, unknowable place, even for its denizens.

The same can be said for the Pacific Northwest's electronic underground, with its startling range of scenes and micro-genres in cities across the biome, from Seattle to Portland and beyond. That's why you need Portland's Heterodox Records to play psychopomp, lighting the torch and taking you on a trip through holographic IDM through Swiss precision breakcore to pan-global, post-cultural hyperpop.

As is tradition, Heterodox Records pulls out all the stops for Sonic Adventures Consortium Vol. 4, with the label's best and brightest bringing a bird's eye view to the fascinating world of PNW electronic music.

There's the bubbly, holographic post-pop of Seattle's Enereph. There's the moody half-step of Toka. There's xenomorphic evolutions of drum 'n bass from Production Unit Xero and Spednar and multiple shades and hues of abstract club beats, from John Nap's precise IDM to hypnotic acid meditations from All the Stores are Closed.

There's even some sci-fi ambient noise, with JenVoid's mystical alien abduction meditation "Alien Pink Eye." Some are in sparkling high-fidelity, like Elrond's "Blipped," while others are wonderfully warped, like the Boards of Canada fever dream that is Zero Dagger's "Setofarsonist" or the anime fantasia of Occurian's "Chunibyo Love Poem."

A throughline of thoughtful, detailed programming and an emphasis on imagination and creativity unite each track on offer in a way that is distinctly Heterodox. Here's your chance to hear the best of a baker's dozen different styles, genres, and scenes from across the PNW

More Details: https://heterodox-records.bandcamp.com/album/sonic-adventurers-consortium-vol-4-htx116