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gregsbrain xVox Harmonic Pitch Shifter (Assembled)

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xVox is a four-voice real-time pitch shifter. The module is 17HP wide with a 1.5-inch diagonal 128x128 pixel RGB OLED display. There are color-coded volt-per-octave and trigger inputs for each of the four voices. Six CV inputs, two of which are knobs, can be assigned to perform various modulation functions. Fully assembled and ready to use!

xVox features
Front panel
  • 2 audio inputs, primary normalled to secondary.
  • Stereo audio output.
  • 4 VPO and 4 gate/trigger inputs.
  • 4 assignable CV sockets and 2 assignable knobs.
  • Pushbutton rotary encoder and two LED push buttons.
  • 1.5-inch 128x128 RGB OLED display.
Four voice channels
  • Pitch control over each channel depends on pitch-shift mode.
  • Individually triggered or triggered in unison.
Three pitch shift modes
  • Open tuning or quantization to scales, semitones, or octaves.
  • 7th chord pitch shift for root, 3rd, 5th, and 7th.
  • Chord progressions based on circle-of-fifths.
Envelope generator
  • Attack/Decay, ADSR, or OFF
  • Solo, unison, or strum trigger options or on note change.
  • Selectable attack and decay curves
  • Attack and decay times from several milliseconds to minutes
Other functions
  • Sample and hold option when not using envelope generator.
  • Tuner with automatic tuning feature.
  • Filter with controls for HP, LP, and slope.
  • Audio input and output level controls with soft-clipping and AGC.
Color-coded visualizations
  • Piano keyboard shows notes as they are triggered.
  • Spectrum shows real-time harmonics of each voice.
  • 17HP wide
  • 32mm deep.
Power consumption
  • +12V  144mA (133mA with display dimmed)
  • -12V  8.4mA
  • +5V    0mA​