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Expert Sleepers Tiny MIDI Breakout Expander

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The Tiny MIDI breakout provides 3.5mm TRS MIDI connectors for compatible modules with breakout headers - the disting mk4disting EXES-9General CV, and FH-2. The CVM-8 also can use the Tiny MIDI Breakout.

The six sockets can be shared amongst modules as needed. The module is entirely passive, and can be wired up for Type A or Type B 3.5mm MIDI.


The Tiny MIDI breakout's specifications are as follows:
  • Panel width: 2HP
  • Module depth: 30mm (including cables)
  • Current draw: none

In The Box

  • The module
  • Two M3x6mm screws
  • One four-way ribbon cable
depth 30
_hp 2