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Erica Synths Black Modulator V2 Modulation and Noise Source

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Erica Synths Black Modulator is a modulation and noise source


  • LFO with saw, triangle and pulse outputs
  • LFO/Audio range switch, LFO synchronization to the external clock
  • Zener diode-based noise generator for massive, full spectrum white noise
  • Pink noise filter
  • Noise crush knob and crushed noise output – fade from 1 bit noise to individual random trigger bursts
  • Clockable sample and hold circuit
  • S&H circuit based on rare, high quality S&H chip
  • S&H CV and clock inputs

The module consists of LFO/audio frequency oscillator with three simultaneous waveform outputs, Zener diode-based noise generator with three noise flavors and clockable S&H circuit.

Technical specifications: 

LFO frequency 0,2 Hz - 25 Hz
Audio rate frequency 18 Hz - 750 Hz
LFO output level -5 - +5
Noise output level 10Vptp
S&H CV input level up to 20Vptp
Power consumption

48 mA @ +12V

36 mA @ -12V

Module width 10 HP
Module depth  25 mm
_hp 10