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Erica Synths Snare Drum

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Erica Synths Snare Drum is developed in collaboration with the French company e-licktronick and it's our take on analogue snare drum circuits adapted for modular systems. Sharp, punchy sounds, Accent & CV control over key parameters of the module make it distinctively expressive in studio and live performances.


  • Tune, Snappy, Noise tone and Decay controls
  • CV control with attenuators over Tune and Decay
  • Manual trigger
  • Accent for better expression

The Snare is probably the unsung hero – Jamaica has taken to using it even for hats. So even though Erica call this “909-inspired,” the fun is really making full use of the Noise Tone and “Snappy” control and patching in CV, which makes this more of an all-purpose percussion module. - CDM

The snare is another familiar voice and a worthy partner for the bass drum. Needless to say, Erica’s snare can emulate a selection of Roland snares rather well. - Sound On Sound

Decay range 150ms - 260ms
Audio output level -5...+5V
CV level (full span) -5 - +5V
Accent CV level 10V
Trigger level 5V
Trigger time 1ms
Power consumption 37mA@+12V, 35mA@-12V
Module width 10HP
Module depth 35mm

On this run of modules the Pitch & Decay CV inputs are inverted: rising CV will decrease pitch, falling - increase.

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