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Erica Synths Sequential Switch V2

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Erica Synths 8 channel Sequential Switch is a unique module that allows you to sequence up to eight sound sources in advanced ways or route one sound source sequentially to eight different sound modifiers – VCFs, waveshapers, VCAs, etc.



  • 8 inputs/outputs sequentially routed to one input/output
  • Manual Step and Reset
  • Gate output (reacts on merged and paused steps)
  • 8 different play modes
  • Piano mode 

Erica Synths Sequential Switch (SS) has unique control interface that allows you to pause, skip and merge steps and set sequence length, but what really sets it apart from other sequential switches is Gate output – when used with ADSR and VCA, you get a really powerful sequencer with real time control over each sound source in the sequence. Use Sequential Switch with random clock source and you get a heart of insane random, selfgenerating patches!

Check out the Erica Synths Sequential Switch CV Expander V2 here

NB! Input signal level for SS should not exceed 20Vptp (that is a rare occasion in modular synths). Nothing bad will happen, but you will hear some unwanted signal on unused outputs.

Technical specifications:

Max input level

-10V - +10V

Power consumption

+50mA (all LEDs on), -13mA

Module width


Module depth


_hp 10