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Erica Synths Black series Black K-Phaser

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The Erica Synths Black K-Phaser is a new take on a classical, genre defining FX unit – the Krautrock Phaser.


  • 8 all-pass filters with photoresistor control
  • Classic and Spread (filter detune) mode
  • Resonance attenuverter
  • Selectable resonance path
  • Built in VC LFO with a dedicated output
  • Wet output

The Black K-Phaser retains the original concept of 8 all-pass filters with photoresistors, but with redesigned filters and modulation circuit and several new unique features. A dip switch allows for selecting the number of filter stages involved in the resonance path, while the resonance attenuverter brings in never-heard-before feedback artefacts, and most importantly – the SPREAD mode detunes the all-pass filters for even more distinct behavior. A built-in voltage controlled LFO with selectable waveforms expands the modulation possibilities of the phaser and can be used as an independent modulation source for your modular system as well. 

The Black K-Phaser is Erica Synths' tribute to the German electronic music pioneers that largely shaped the sound of electronic music worldwide.

Audio level: 10Vptp
CV level (full span): -5V - +5V
Max power consumption: +38mA, -32mA
Module width: 10HP
Module depth: 35mm

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