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Endorphin.es Total Recall 3x CV Preset Manager/Multistage and Macro Controller for Eurorack

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3 channel preset manager / multistage and macro controller for Eurorack

TOTAL RECALL – the 6 HP module designed to ease up transitions in live sets by controlling 3 CVs at once – just by the use of one soulful hand. Intuitive to set up the desired voltages to control anything in your modular system that accepts CV (either unipolar 0-5V or bipolar -5-+5V). The preset manager/multistage CV controller rocks a macro feature no one would ever want to miss in future live performances.

  • 3x CV preset manager/multistage and macro controller for Eurorack

  • 3 channel control voltage generator/attenuator/attenuverter

  • 8 preset CV manager with two banks: bipolar -5...+5V and unipolar 0...+5V

  • Instant, slewed or continuous change between stored CV values

  • 3-channel macro CV generator with smooth min./max. control via CV, trigger or manually

  • CV acquisition: 16 bits SDADCs, CV outputs: 12 bits DACs

    Power consumption:

  • 55mA +12V

  • 25 mA -12V

  • 0 mA 5V



  • 6 HP

  • 30 mm deep

_hp 6