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Endorphin.es Godspeed Thru-zero Multi-output VCO with Waveshaper and Autotuner (Silver)

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Thru-zero Multi-output VCO with Waveshaper and Autotuner

  • fast and effective 6HP oscillator with autotuning and octave shift

  • Included Strong Zero VCO core delivers powerful thru-zero linear FM

  • Modulation index with pre-patched self-modulation to create FM synthesis blocks on the fly

  • Sine/fold output features famous Furthrrrr Generator folder

  • Odd/even output has a pre-patched discrete sub-oscillator for even deeper bass action

  • Built in variable gain noise generator on odd/even output (adjusted by holding TUNE button and turning FURTHRRRR knob)

  • Hard and Soft sync inputs for additional harmonic shaping.

    Power consumption:

  • 100 mA +12V

  • 45 mA -12V

  • 0 mA 5V



  • 6 HP

  • 38 mm deep

_hp 6