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Electro-Smith Daisy Patch DIY Synth Module

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Daisy Patch is a metamorphic sound environment capable of becoming an infinite variety of digital instruments. Patch is based on the Daisy embedded DSP platform and features quad 24-bit audio IO. The hardware itself is a blank slate ready to be brought to life with one of the many available firmware files which can be uploaded through our web programming interface. This library of instrument files includes samplers, granular processors, physical modeling voices, and more, and requires no special software to upload other than a web browser. 

Custom firmware files can be created using Pure Data, Arduino, Max/MSP ~gen, or C++. Our template files will help you hit the ground running. When it comes to troubleshooting your programs, debugging is a breeze with the onboard OLED display and USB connectivity. 

Whether you’re looking for a swiss army knife of DSP, or a custom audio platform for hacking, Daisy Patch will help you teach computers how to sing!

  • Open source DSP platform

  • Vast library of ready to go firmware files

  • Quad 24-bit audio IO, up to 192kHz


  • High res OLED display

  • Daisy Seed included

Tech specs: 

Width: 20HP

Depth: 28mm

Resources: Check out the getting started wiki page! Documentation, and examples are hosted on the GitHub repository for easy download. All firmware that we develop is released for free under a permissive open source license(MIT).

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