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Doepfer A-100PMS6 Monster 6U 168HP Powered Case

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The Doepfer Synthesizer A-100PMS6 is a portable Eurorack analogue module. The A-100PMS6 shares the same design as the A-100 (A-100PMS6/9/12) and has a base frame for the A-100 Monster Cases. It can be used also as a stand-alone unit without the Monster Case. It has a removable top cover with a handle for easy transportation. Two A-100 power supplies (PSU3) and four bus boards are built in. The Doepfer Synth A-100PMS6 is the perfect portable Eurorack module.

The main features of the Doepfer A-100PMS6 Monster Synthesizer Rack Case include:

Outside dimensions: 930 (width) x 420 (depth) x 210 (height), measures in mm
Useable width: 168 HP
Useable depth of the front row: 70 mm
Mains voltage: 115V or 230V (please specify when you order)
Output voltages/current: +12V/2400mA, -12V/2400mA (two A-100 PSU2 with 1200mA each)
Removable cover with handle
Easy to transport

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