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Doepfer A-100LC1V Vintage Edition 48HP Powered Case

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The A-100LC1v comes equipped with one 48 HP measuring row for 3U modules. Its power supply features eight connectors for oscillators, filters and so forth. The case is connected to the grid via an IEC power socket.

Technical specifications of the A-100SSB power supply:

Wide range mains voltage input 100-240 V AC / 50-60 Hz
On board fuse
Switching power supply with:
380 mA at +12 V
380 mA at -12 V
100 mA at +5 V
Eight module connectors
LEDs for +12 V, -12 V and +5 V
Please note: The +5 V current is taken from the +12 V line. Therefore, the sum of +12 V and +5 V must not exceed 380 mA.

The A-100LC1 is primarily meant for configuring experimental synthesis systems, modular filter banks and effect setups. Due to the case’s rather simple load regulation, the pitch of analog oscillators might be slightly influenced by modules featuring LEDs. If stable pitch is essential to you, we recommend a larger Doepfer case like the A-100LC3.

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