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Cat Breath - Rift Cassette

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Portland's Cat Breath crafts 8 stunning soundworlds using almost all hardware on Rift, her first album for Heterodox Records!

Electronic music in the 21st-Century tends to go one of two ways. There's the clean, uber-precision of beats made entirely in the box. And then there's the weird, wild, wiry riddims of lo-fi - the sound of machines gibbering and whispering to one another. The former has a tendency towards the "same same but different," thanks to the homogeneity of the gear, while the latter can sometimes sound 100 miles from the dancefloor.

On Rift, Cat Breath makes the best of all worlds, employing an almost-all hardware setup to explore ambient, IDM, and even some old-school electro. Dirty yet precise, lush yet austere, Rift spans the entirety of electronic music - the austere astrological ambient of "Last Light" through the clean room Autechre beats of "Through The Rift." There's even a bit of whimsy and light-hearted humour with the booty-shaking electro of "Zero Gravity."

There's no cheating with hardware, no fixing it in post… crafting a masterful electronic album using hardware requires meticulous songwriting and dancefloor instincts and a meticulous understanding of your gear. Cat Breath has both, in excess.

Heterodox Records are proud as can be to introduce you to this stunning achievement, which is destined to be well-loved by headphone mystics and beat junkies alike.

More Details: https://heterodox-records.bandcamp.com/album/rift-htx101