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Arturia KeyLab 61 Essential MK3 MIDI Keyboard & Controller

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Universal MIDI controller

Discover a music-making workflow that’s more personal, accessible, and enjoyable than ever; KeyLab Essential mk3 distills focused controls, inspiring features, and professional software into a keyboard controller package that offers total creative freedom.

Key features

  • Velocity-sensitive keybed with hybrid synth-piano feel
  • 1 clickable encoder, 9 encoders, 9 faders (30mm), 6 transport switches, 4 command switches, 1 modulation wheel, 1 pitch bend wheel, 8 touch & pressure-sensitive pads
  • MIDI out, USB, Sustain pedal
  • Premium music-making software bundle
  • Seamless integration with Analog Lab V (included)
  • Creative features like Arpeggiator, Chord play, and Scale mode in a nutshell

The music-making essentials

Whether you’re a beginner producer, an experienced music maker, or anyone in between, unlock your full creative potential with a MIDI controller that breaks down all the barriers between you, your DAW, and your perfect sound.

KeyLab Essential mk3 is the focused, accessible, and fun keyboard controller designed to make your music-making workflow more personal and enjoyable than ever before. Control your DAW or hardware with the most vital controls at your fingertips, the most expressive features at your disposal, and the most inspiring musical software - included as standard.

Your essential ingredients for creativity

Whether you’re a beginner producer or an experienced music maker looking for a refreshed setup, KeyLab Essential distills everything you want in a controller into a simple, fun, expressive keyboard for production and performance. Enjoy comfy keybeds, tactile DAW-integrated controls, and thoughtful layout that simply makes your creative life easier.

Advanced features, simple workflow

KeyLab Essential provides an array of useful & intuitive controls that’ll get the job done. Interact with encoders, faders, pads, and more in a way that makes sense for your setup, giving you a hands-on experience balanced with software flexibility. 

The best DAW integration

Get creative right out the box with KeyLab Essential’s custom DAW scripts, bringing pre-mapped controls into your workflow with any major DAW. Not only that, but the KeyLab Essential controls work seamlessly with Analog Lab V, the included sound anthology plugin - letting you freely explore thousands of sounds old and new.

Your musical workhorse 

For when you want to get experimental, find a new sound, or just need a bit of extra inspiration, KeyLab Essential has a few tricks up its sleeve. Create fun ever-changing melodies with the Arpeggiator, weave rich chord voicings with Chord play, and always stay in key thanks to Scale mode.

Software included

You’ll also get 6 titles giving you everything you need to make music your own way - here’s what’s included:

  • Analog Lab V software with 2000 synth & keyboard sounds
  • Ableton Live Lite
  • UVI Model D & Native Instruments The Gentleman pianos
  • Loopcloud subscription
  • Melodics subscription

10 things to have fun with

Find YOUR sound in any Arturia Software

  • Thanks to the new display, browse through presets, filter by type,’ like’ a sound to recall it later

Control Ableton Live Lite

  • Browse and arm tracks, launch clips and scenes, navigate the timeline, control devices, Play / Record / Stop; Save / Quantize / Undo / Redo

Switch from DAW program to Arturia program

  • For a great performance or production experience, switch from controlling your DAW to controlling any Arturia plugin

Combine Hold, Chord, Scale & Arp

  • Using only one finger, play chords that will be held, quantized to a scale, and then arpeggiated; inspiring musical results guaranteed 

Create a full track only using the included software bundle

  • 2000 curated sounds from V Collection and beyond, the most popular DAW on the market, 2 pianos, access to massive sample banks; all you need to make a track

Improve your piano or finger drumming skills

  • Improve and embellish your keyboard & pad skills with the Melodics subscription and bonus lessons

Customize your KeyLab Essential

  • Choose the CCs sent by the controls, the color of the pads, the velocity curves, the pedal input type; make it your own!

Create a ‘Multi’ in Analog Lab V

  • Like 2 different sounds in Analog Lab? Use your KeyLab Essential to create a split point or layer the sounds, controlling them individually or altogether

Your keys to creativity

However you choose to make music, KeyLab Essential has all the creative answers - before you’ve even thought of the questions. This controller fits right into your setup to become an extension of your creative identity.

Control any DAW

Enjoy plug-and-play connectivity and ready-mapped controls with your DAW of choice. KeyLab Essential doesn’t just feature familiar MCU & HUI compatibility; it also has custom scripts for major DAWs for next-level integration.

Customize your workflow

KeyLab Essential easily adapts to your creative needs; recall your favorite ’liked’ presets from Analog Lab, navigate your custom-made playlists, activate custom User programs for your own control assignments, and more.

At one with Analog Lab

Turn Analog Lab into a hardware synth and get hands-on with your sound thanks to KeyLab Essential’s seamlessly mapped controls. Adjust sound parameters, tweak FX, and browse presets without ever needing to touch your computer.

Essential, intuitive, flexible controls

Sometimes you just want to get the job done. KeyLab Essential’s focused controls give you quick access to the most useful & intuitive elements of your project & sound without complicating things.


As comfortable for performance as it is for studio beat-making, KeyLab Essential’s durable hybrid synth-piano keybed is smooth & responsive, complemented by the familiar Pitch & Mod wheels and Pedal input for sustain, footswitch, or expression.


Get the essential real-time info you need, from parameter values to your current preset, with a bright 2.5” display, complete with contextual buttons that make navigation effortless.


Switch between MIDI notes, clip triggering, finger-drumming, or whatever you need them to do. KeyLab Essential’s velocity & pressure-sensitive pads are even RGB color-coded so you can keep track at all times.


Get that real hands-on feeling and interact with crucial controls right where you need them, from track panning to specific instrument parameters, with full rotation encoders.


Tweak your track levels, envelope settings, selected parameters on your Arturia instruments, and more with ultra-smooth faders at your fingertips.

DAW controls

Instantly switch from sculpting your synth sounds to piloting your DAW project with KeyLab Essential’s dedicated DAW controls, so you’re in control at all times. Its custom integration scripts even ensure that the most crucial controls work perfectly, whatever DAW you’re using.

A vessel for creativity

For when you want to get experimental, find a new sound, or just need a bit of extra inspiration, KeyLab Essential has a few tricks up its sleeve. Create fun ever-changing melodies, create chord voicings, and always stay in key - without thinking twice.

Chord play

Play rich, full, powerful chords with a single key by selecting from built-in chord presets, or inputting your own custom chord shapes - great for when you need quick inspiration for your next hit.

Scale mode

Set your playing free and never go out of key with KeyLab Essential’s Scale mode, which quickly locks the keybed to one of several built-in scales. Wrong notes? Never again.


Turn chords or selections of notes into vibrant melodies and rhythmic ideas with a built-in Arpeggiator, complete with Hold function so you can go no-hands. You can even use all these features together; play & hold a chord with a single key, arpeggiate it, and lock it to a scale of your choice.

Next-level integration

  • Custom DAW scripts (Ableton Live Lite, Logic Pro, FL Studio, Cubase, Bitwig Studio)
  • Seamless communication with Arturia Software
  • User programs

Music out of the box

  • Plug-and-play
  • Huge software bundle
  • Register for free tips, tutorials, and bonus content

Creative features

  • Scale mode
  • Arpeggiator
  • Chord Play mode

Build quality and design

  • Eco-designed
  • Clean, focused, and intuitive interface
  • Premium quality, affordable price

What’s new compared to the previous version?

  • A bigger display with 4 contextual buttons
  • 5 dedicated DAW scripts, plus MCU & HUI protocols, for controlling any DAW
  • Enhanced integration with Arturia Software
  • Creative features: Scale mode, Chord Play, Arpeggiator (with presets), Hold function
  • 2 Pad Banks (for finger drumming, clip launching, or User configuration)
  • Bigger software bundle (Analog Lab V, Ableton Live Lite, NI The Gentleman, UVI Model D, Loopcloud & Melodics)
  • Multi-purpose pedal input (Sustain, Footswitch or Expression)
  • USB-C
  • Eco-designed

Software Specifications

  • Includes Analog Lab V software with 2000+ sounds
  • Includes Ableton Live Lite
  • Includes Native Instruments’ The Gentleman
  • Includes UVI Model D
  • Includes 2-month Loopcloud subscription
  • Includes Melodics subscription

Hardware Specifications

    • 49 & 61-note velocity-sensitive keyboard with hybrid synth-piano feel
    • 1 clickable encoder, 9 encoders, 9 x 30mm faders, 6 transport switches, 4 command switches, 1 modulation wheel, 1 pitch bend wheel, 8 touch & pressure-sensitive pads
    • Connectivity: MIDI out, USB, pedal input (sustain, modulation, expression)
    • 2.5” LCD display with contextual buttons
    • Custom DAW scripts for FL Studio, Logic Pro, Ableton Live, Cubase, Bitwig Studio
    • Also compatible with MCU/HUI control
  • Built-in creative features:
  • Chord Play mode
  • Scale Mode
  • Multi-mode Arpeggiator
  • Hold function
      • Perfect Analog Lab control integration
      • Standalone or plug-in operation: VST, VST3, AU, AAX