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4ms Company Stereo Triggered Sampler (STS)

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The Stereo Triggered Sampler is a high fidelity, two-channel stereo sample recorder and playback module. The STS can record high quality stereo files, while simultaneously playing two different stereo files. A maximum of 600 samples can be loaded from the removable/swappable microSD card, in a variety of formats up to 96kHz/32-bit/stereo WAV. All sample parameters (1V/oct pitch, sample file selection, length, and start position) are CV controllable.

600 Samples
A maximum of 600 samples can be loaded at once, arranged into banks of 10 samples each. Samples and banks can be re-arranged on the fly using the simple on-board Edit features. Newly recorded samples can be instantly played back and re-pitched, reversed, chopped up, etc... the result of which can even be bounced down and re-recorded to as a new sample! Sample files are limited to 4GB each, which is over 6 hours at 44k/16b/stereo.

Up to 600 samples can be active in banks at one time (10 samples per bank)
Hundreds of samples included on microSD card
Extremely quiet, low noise and low jitter design
Stereo or Mono operation:
Stereo mode: Two stereo files are mixed and played through the L and R output jacks (L+L and R+R)
Mono mode: Each file is mixed to mono and output through the channel's output jack (L+R and L+R)
Firmware can be updated by playing an audio file into the STS
Two independent playback channels:
Each channel can output in mono or stereo through the shared L/R jacks
Play button/trigger jack: Tapping the button or receiving a trigger starts/re-starts the sample
When Length is set to "All", the Play button starts/stops the sample (see System Mode p.21)
Sample CV/knob: select which sample within the channel's bank
1V/OCT CV and Pitch knob: playback pitch (-10 to +4.3 octave range)
Start Pos CV/knob: position in the sample to begin playback (loop start point)
Length CV/knob: playback time (loop end point)
Length knob at max: entire file is played
Length knob 50%-99%: 200ms - 5s of the sample is played (beginning at the Start Position)
Length knob <50%: Percussive decay envelope is applied to the playback (attack-only envelope if playing Reverse)
Length <1%: Tiny grains are played (can be used to sweep through sample file data manually)
Reverse button/jack: toggles forward/backwards
Bank button: selects channel's bank
Tip: Hold Bank and turn the Sample knobs for fast selection of bank
Edit button allows basic on-board editing features:
Set loop/trim points with Scrub Start and Scrub End
Set Gain (boost/cut from 10% to 500%)
Re-organize samples with Next File
Move samples around within a bank
Assign files from any folder on the microSD card into any sample slot (sub-folders are ignored)
Copy sample to multiple slots, each with their own loop/trim/gain settings
Reverse+Start Pos button/knob combo allows for setting volume of each channel independently.
Maximum file size for playback: 4GB per file (6.7 hours per file at 44.1kHz/16b/stereo)
microSD Card is hot-swappable when Busy light is off: no power-down required to change cards.
Samples that are pre-loaded into memory can continue playing while card is swapped.


Width: 20HP

Depth: 25mm

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