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4ms Company EnvVCA Analog Envelope/LFO with VCA

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4ms' EnvVCA is the compact companion for Ensemble Oscillator or any other VCO!

  • Sliders and 3-position range switches for Rise and Fall times: (12ms - 20 min)
  • Linear waveshape (ramp/triangle)
  • CV Control of Rise and Fall time with independent attenuverters  
  • Trigger jack (one-shot) and Cycle jack (toggled by gate input)
  • Follow jack allows for slew-limiting, sustain (ASR), and exotic filtering effects
  • End of Rise gate output
  • Slider controls output level of Env Jack, independent from audio/VCA volume
  • DC-coupled low-noise exponential VCA for audio or CV
  • 8HP

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