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2HP Pitch Time-Domain Pitch Shifter

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Let’s get shifty with Pitch! Pitch is a time-domain pitch shifter with wow/flutter control and v/oct tracking.

Turn single oscillators into complex harmonic sound sources or jump your samples up and down octaves for interesting pitch/time fluctuations. Alongside pitch shifting, Pitch gives control over the output quality, allowing for beautiful wow/flutter to bring a tape-like timbre to your incoming signal. Fill out your sound or take complete frequency control with Pitch!

  • Time-domain pitch shifter

  • Wow & Flutter control over wet signal

  • Transposes up and down 2 octaves, with an additional octave via v/oct in

  • High fidelity audio sampling, ideal for creating vocal harmonies, pitch shifting waveforms, and more. 

Tech Specs

  • Width: 2HP

  • Depth: 46mm

  • Current Consumption: +12V=78mA, -12V=9mA, 0V=0mA

depth 46
_hp 2