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Triple Voltage Controlled Crossfader by Arcus Audio

In this video resident expert Matthew Piecora (aka EZBOT) shares a few useful patches with the incredibly powerful and fun to use Triple VC Xfader by Arcus Audio.

Open up a world of new sounds and interesting modulation sources with the triple VC XFader from Arcus Audio! Crossfade between oscillators to create new tones, or fade between control voltages for new, complex modulations. Use audio rate CV for amplitude modulation, or take the normalized outputs to create a stereo path sending each output to different effects. Even try inserting at the end of two patches to crossfade between them. Great for adding variation in a live setting or when just jamming.

Of course you can always self-patch to push it even further, or use as a standard triple LIN/EXP VCA. The possibilities are endless with this module! - Triple Voltage Controlled Crossfader (VC XFader) with selectable linear or exponential CV response. CV attenuverters. Bi-color LEDs for each CV signal as well as each channel output. LED indication of channel bias. - Soft touch knobs for attenuverters, bias, and LIN/EXP controls. - Each of 3 crossfaders is normalled (mixed) to the next channel. Normalization is broken when outputs are patched. This allows the unit to work as a 6 input crossfader, triple VCA, or any combination between.

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