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Patchwerks Originals: Dreadbox Chromatic modules meet the Nifty Bundle

In this video Matthew Piecora (aka EZBOT) takes the new Dreadbox Chromatic modules for a spin with the wonderfully fun and affordable Nifty Bundle. The sequencer and touch plate is Cells by Cre8audio. Using Cells you can control up to 2 voices either by hand or by feeding CV into the 2 axis inputs.

Product Links:

Budget modular at Patchwerks

Dreadbox Hysteria - Performance VCO with continuously variable waveshape and built-in quantizer

Dreadbox Eudemonia - Resonant lowpass and highpass filter with built-in VCA and CV mixer

Dreadbox Nostalgia - Triple-stage multitap delay with LFO

Dreadbox Ataxia - Dual modulator with ADSR envelope mode and LFO mode and CV control over timing

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