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Welcome to MyPatchwerks!

Every day, Patchwerks sends out packages and orders filled with unlimited possibilities. Packages with the potential to teach, to inspire, to fulfill, to put you on stage or online, to get recognized -- or to just simply enjoy!

Through all these packages, we at Patchwerks get to see the depth and range of talent our customers possess on a daily basis and the wild and unusual spaces our gear can reach! So we thought, "Why keep all this awesomeness to ourselves? It’s time to share this talent with the world!" That’s where #mypatchwerks comes in.

Post your patches and tag #mypatchwerks to get connected with the global Patchwerks community!

How does it work?

From time to time, we create magical Patch Prompt cards which can mysteriously appear in your order! Patch Prompts are a little nugget of visual inspiration. Vague and mysterious in nature, these prompts are meant to be interpreted however you feel in the moment! Think Rorschach (or “ink blot”) tests

With your new gear purchase (and whatever else you feel called to use!) refer to the visual Patch Prompt as inspiration, or a starting point, for your musical creation. Record this exercise and post to Instragram or Twitter using the hashtag #mypatchwerks to be a part of the global Patchwerks community!


Also, make sure to follow us!


Instagram: @patchwerks

Twitter: @patchwerks_

YouTube: PatchwerksSeattle

Facebook: @PatchwerksSeattle

Twitch: @PatchwerksOfficial


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