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Tom Evans Modular Dual Dreadful VCF

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The Dual Dreadful VCF is a dual filter with cutoff, resonance, and CV input with attenuation per channel. The filters have a shared Spread control on an attenuverter that causes the cutoff frequencies to move in opposite directions. Spread can also be controlled by CV.

Channel 1 Audio and CV inputs are normaled to channel 2

A mono signal into channel 1 will go through both filters in parallel.

12dB/oct filter slope

Can self oscillate at high resonance

High resonance does not lose bass response.

Blue FR4 material panel Hand soldered components 12hp width
+12V 30mA, -12V 30mA

Two versions are available, one with 20mm depth made with surface-mount technology and one with 40mm depth made with through-hole technology.

_hp 12