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Korg Volcas

Don't let the small size of Korg's amazing VOLCA series fool you!  These are fully featured synthesizers and drum machines in a small, battery-powered package.  All you need to get started with these are some AA batteries and your imagination. 

Choose from powerful synthesizers like the Volca FM and Volca Modular, or if you're looking for rhythms hit the Volca Drum, Volca Beats, and Volca Kick.  What about the foundation of your tracks?  You'll love the Volca NuBass and Volca Bass.  Rounding out the line are the polyphonic all-analogue Volca Keys, the innovative sampler Volca Sample, and an interesting mixer called the Volca Mix.  Check out the table below for more explanation.

Except for the Volca Mix, Volcas don't come with a power supply.  If you'd rather plug them into the wall rather than use batteries, check out the inexpensive power adapter we have below.


Volca FM

This synthesizer is an amazingly deep engine based on frequency-modulation synthesis.  You can conjure sounds with complex harmonics and inharmonics as well as classic sounds from the 1980s, all from this little box.

Volca Modular

This is the cheapest way to explore modular!  The Volca Modular is an innovative, patchable synthesizer and sequencer inspired by waveshaping and folding reminiscent of West Coast style synthesis.

Volca NuBass

What's Nu about the NuBass?  This bassline synthesizer is built around Korg's proprietary NuTube vacuum tube technology.  Yes, you read that right!  Korg has a great new tube technology that adds rich harmonic distortion to this bass synth, making it sound LARGE!

Volca Bass

From the original three Volca series, the Volca Bass is a classic bassline synthesizer and sequencer capable of rich, low tones all the way up to squelchy filter resonant growls.  Who needs a 303 anymore?

Volca Keys

Like chords?  Or what about layered oscillators?  This little powerhouse might be for you.  Boasting an all-analogue 3-note synth, it has interesting modes that allow you to stack up the oscillators as well for unison-style sounds.  Plus, did we mention it sounds awesome?  It does.

Volca Beats

The cornerstone beat box of the Volcas, this all-analogue beat machine is all you need to get some rhythm going in your tracks.  We love how this thing sounds, and as one of the original Volcas, well, they started with some of the best classic analog drum sounds.

Volca Drum

This Volca uses an innovative digital drum synthesis engine to deliver a fresh, modern, fully rounded sound along with its drum sequencer.

Volca Kick

With so much electronic music anchored on the kick drum, it makes a lot of sense to have a dedicated box for your kicks.  Get your kicks with this massive synth engine which delivers satisfying bass along with other tricks along the way.

Volca Sample

An interesting sample-playback sequencer machine with fun motion recording and even allows transfer of samples into its memory using an app on your iOS device.

Volca Mix

Once you have more than one Volca, you'll want to look into the Volca Mix.  This unit is a mixer with three stereo channels, each with low/high cut and mute buttons.  It also features built-in speakers with on/off switch as well as RCA line outs to hit your amp or receiver.  It also features an AUX IN to mix a fourth stereo sound as well as a built-in clock source to sync up all your Volcas!  And last but not least, Volca Mix comes with power cables so you can power 3 Volcas directly altogether from the one Volca Mix.