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AI Synthesis AI018 Stereo Matrix Mixer Kit

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AI018 Eurorack Stereo Matrix Mixer

The AI018 Eurorack Modular Stereo Matrix Mixer is a compact 8 in, 8 out matrix mixer that allows for the flexible routing of inputs in and out of each other. A matrix mixer is used to route audio or cv signals from multiple sources to different destinations. There are sixteen potentiometers, with each potentiometer controlling the amount a given stereo input pair (1-4) will be sent to a given stereo output (A-D).

A common usage for the AI018 would be as an effects send, with one or more inputs, and one or more effect inputs and outputs. Using the AI018 Stereo Matrix Mixer in this way, inputs can be sent to multiple effects, and the effects can be sent to each other, and even back into themselves, expanding the depth of the effects.



-V mA


+V mA





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type ["Mixer"]
_hp 18