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Instruo tanh[3] Waveshaper, Limiter, Overdrive, and Feedback

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The Instruō tanh[3] is a three channel waveshaper, limiter, overdrive, and feedback controller.

Each channel of the tanh[3] takes a signal input and outputs the hyperbolic tangent function (tanh (x)) for that input signal.

… In more musical terms, tangential distortion is a form of soft clipping which can produce signal amplitude limiting via analogue waveshaping. Driving a hot audio signal into it will add warm overdrive.

Raw waveforms will be subtly shaped; softening or adding harmonic content based on input amplitude.

Understanding what the tanh[3] does to a signal, both mathematically and sonically can be hard to explain, but it essentially adds curves
to signals.

For many Max/MSP and/or PD users, the [tanh~] object may be familiar and is likely a much used secret weapon in many contexts.

tanh[3] tæntʃ | noun (mathematicsthe hyperbolic tangent of (x); or as a verb…
“a’m gonna tan-h that”


Depth: 27mm


+12V: 15mA
–12V: 10mA

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