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After Later Audio Antumbra DVCA - Dual VCA in 1U Intellijel - Micro Mutable Instruments (2ch) Veils

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DVCA is a dual VCA based on the Mutable Instruments Veils. It features two separate voltage controlled amplifiers, both with a gain and a response curve potentiometer, that is variable from linear to exponential. The outputs are normaled, so when no patch cable is present on output 1, output 2 will contain both signals, allowing the module to be used as a mixer. Several DVCAs can be daisy-chained for voltage controlled mixer operation.

Comes with jack lights that can be disabled via a jumper on the back.

The panel is a custom After Later Audio panel in black and gold. 

The module comes with a power cable and a 1 year warranty.

Width: 22HP

Depth: 20mm

_hp 22