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Cre8Audio Cellz Programmable CV Touchpad

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If we were being technical we'd talk in corporate speak and say "Cellz is a dual unipolar control voltage generator and that each of the 16 touch sensitive pads can be “fed” two 12bit values (semi-tone quantized or free scale), ranging from 0V to 10V." But really it's just simply a funky module you can use as a controller or a wacky sequencer. 

  • Width = 12hp

  • Depth = 30mm

  • 2.5mA power draw when running +12V rail

  • 27mA power draw when running +5V rail

  • 1.5mA power draw when running -12V

  • 0-10V voltage range output 1

  • 0-10V voltage range output 2

  • Minimum voltage required to set LFO triggers 1/2 high = 0.8V


_hp 12