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Budget Modular

Looking to get into modular and want to save money at the same time!  We got you! 

Get Nifty to get started!

 To start out, check the NiftyBUNDLE from Cre8Audio.  You get a sweet Eurorack case that has ample power, MIDI to CV (including USB), and 84HP total of space all for $269.99. 

Along with the case, in the NiftyBUNDLE you also get two cool modules to get started: Chipz and Cellz.  Chipz is a 2-voice oscillator/filter module based on chiptune style waveforms, and it includes an LFO.  Cellz is a fun tactile voltage controller. 

Oh, and if you'd like the NiftyCASE but not the modules, you can have that for just $199.99.


4ms Pod Cases

Another affordable and flexible case option is the Pod series of powered cases from 4MS Company ranging in various sizes. They're great for dabbling with small ecosystems or expanding on semi-modular units with some utilities or effects. Pay attention to the depth of the modules you're considering and the depth of the Pods. If you need a deeper pod, the "X" models have you covered.

4ms Company Pod20 (Powered)  pod20
4ms Company Pod26 (Powered) pod26
4ms Company Pod32 (Powered) pod32
4ms Company Pod34X (Powered) pod34
4ms Company Pod40X (Powered) pod40
4ms Company Pod48X (Powered) pod48
4ms Company Pod60 (Powered) pod60
4ms Company Pod64X (Powered) pod64

Speaking of Modules...

After Later Audio

Focused on bringing timeless designs, featured packed balanced with playability, and affordable quality to the modular world; After Later Audio modules are an excellent company to become acquainted with. Re-imagining popular designs like the Mutable Instruments' Clouds in various sizes and additional features you can introduce popular sounds and effects to your system for a great price! Based out of Seattle, After Later Audio are always innovating with designs to save space and cash for your rack while never sacrificing on quality or performance. We here at Patchwerks are big fans of Lenny and Clarissa's work and we even have several tutorials and videos on some of their products!

uBurst  This is After Later Audio's take of a micro version of Clouds from Mutable Instruments. It is shrunk down to 8hp and retains all of the same functionality as a full-size Clouds module and comes with the Parasites Firmware loaded. The classic Clouds sound in a small form factor and affordable price! uBurst 
FILTHy A multimode filter offering LPF, BPF, HPF, and NOTCH simultaneous outputs in 6HP. With the ability to self-oscillate at high resonance turning the filter into a sine wave oscillator. Complete with v/oct tracking, FM, and two audio inputs; you can squeeze a lot out of this small package! FILTHy
Antumbra DVCA DVCA is a dual VCA based on the Mutable Instruments Veils. It features two separate voltage-controlled amplifiers, both with a gain and a response curve potentiometer, that is variable from linear to exponential. An excellent utility module; you can never have enough VCAs! DVCA

A 6HP version of Mutable Instruments Peaks that adds CV inputs and attenuverters for each of the four parameters. It can be an ADSR-style envelope generator, an LFO and a drum emulator. Amazing source of utility and sound in a small package!

bOSC A triangle core oscillator that is based on the same CEM3340 chipset used in legendary synths (SH-101, Prophet 5, MemoryMoog). Four waveform outputs (TRI, SAW, PULSE, SINE). Pulse Width Modulation, audio rate and LFO rate oscillation, FM, attenuation, and more features are packed into this incredible 6hp oscillator! bOSC
nRings Physical Modelling synth voice based on the famous Mutable Instruments' Rings module. All the same great feature-packed functions of Rings but in 8hp! Achieve polyphonic strums, plucks, and resonating sounds and pair it uBurst or Clouds to make iconic soundscapes and ambience.  nRings


Doepfer have been in the business long enough to have impacted the world of modular in countless ways and throughout their history they've maintained a consistent pledge to being accessible, affordable, and of quality build. Their straight-forward design approach leaves nothing to mystery other than the exploration of the sounds their modules can make. Perfect for someone beginning their case or for the seasoned modular veteran; at some point almost everyone in modular has likely owned a piece of Doepfer gear. Famous for several of their designs; the Doepfer A-124 Wasp Filter, for example, stands out in the world of filters as utterly unique and iconic. Whether you're looking for utilities for your case, a joystick controller, or synth voices, Doepfer offers a wide variety to fill your every need and at incredibly affordable prices! 

 A-124 Wasp Filter Doepfer's A-124 VCF 5 Wasp Filter is simply a Eurorack classic. The module is a 12dB multimode filter that incorporates the circuit of the EDP Wasp synthesizer. The module excels at distortion and gritty style effects and features both a band pass output and variable low/notch/high pass output. A-124
A-140 ADSR Envelope Generator The A-140 is a classic envelope generator with knobs of control over Attack, Decay, Sustain, and Release of a gate it receives from a trigger. An essential element of a modular and synthesis system for shaping sound and there's no envelope generator more straight-forward than the Doepfer A-140!  A-140
A-174-4 3D Joystick Controller Unique to modular is the ability to include various controller form factors that speak to you. The Doepfer Joystick controller gives the user X/Y axis control over voltages and another Z axis of control on the joystick's knob. Twist and turn to your delight to create voltage for modulating your rack!  Joystick
A-138s Mini Stereo Mixer  A-138s is a simple but useful 4-in-2 mixing tool. It has four inputs available. Each input is equipped with an attenuator (Level) and a panning control (Pan) which is used to distribute the signal to the left and right output. Beyond stereo mixing it is equally suited to create variable parallel routings. For example: Any of the four inputs may be routed in variable intensity to feed two filters. Hard to beat the price and capability of this small yet powerful mixer! 138s
A-148 Dual Sample & Hold  Module A-148 (Dual S&H) has two identical sample & hold modules, designed to produce 'staircase' voltages. The signal present at the sample input is sampled at a rate set by the signal at the trigger input, and held at that voltage at the S&H output.
The exact shape of the staircase depends on the sort of waveform at the sample input: NOISE or RANDOM signals produce random patterns; an LFO produces rising or falling staircase patterns. An interesting and useful component of synthesis and incredibly affordable! 

Dreadbox Chromatic Series

The Dreadbox Chromatic series of 8 function-packed modules are great choices for any modular, whether you're starting out or have been at it for a long time.  Plus, they look great together! These vibrant and fully featured modules can create their own versatile and performative little system or pair nicely with other brands like After Later Audio or Doepfer. Any fader fan would love the interface of the Dreadbox series whether you prefer shaping your ADSR envelopes by fader on the Ataxia or sliding the mix knob on the Nostalgia delay to bring in the effect into your mix. Some of these modules start as low as $115 which is sure to make your system and your wallet happy! 

Performance VCO with continuously variable waveshape and built-in quantizer
Eudemonia Resonant lowpass and highpass filter with built-in VCA and CV mixer
Nostalgia Triple-stage multitap delay with LFO
Ataxia Dual modulator with ADSR envelope mode and LFO mode and CV control over timing
Dystopia Analog-style and digital-style noise source with bit crushing and random gate generation
Utopia CV manipulation tool with access to offset voltages, 4X attenuverters, CV mixer, and "Pulserizer"
Full analog 8-stage phase shifter with triangle LFO 
Antidote  Full Karplus-Strong synthesis voice capable of processing external audio with low-pass filtering and BBD delay