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Sequenz Standard-L-BK Large Keyboard Stand (black)

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A stylish keyboard stand ideal for supporting 88-note keyboards

The Standard-L-ABK is ideal for setups with an 88-note keyboard. Made of aluminum pipe with a black finish, this stylish stand securely supports your instrument in a functional and beautiful way. The height, angle, depth, and number of levels of tiers (keyboard racks) can be adjusted, letting you create the best settings for your equipment set up. As you would expect from this all-aluminum unit, it’s superbly light and portable, making it a great choice for stage, studio, or any situation. The Standard-L-ABK sets a new standard for keyboard stands.

Aluminum pipe allows ultra-lightweight design

Completely made of aluminum pipe, the Standard-L-ABK is lightweight, weighing no more than 6.6 kg (14.6lbs). Despite the elegant appearance and minimal weight, it will securely support your keyboard setup. When disassembled, it becomes extremely compact and portable.

Stylish design that emphasizes the role of the player

The Standard-L-ABK features the strong and beautiful functionality of aluminum pipe. The pipe height is lower than the Standard-L-SV, and the restrained black-colored aluminum design emphasizes the stage presence of the player.


For 88 key