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The Roland Aira Compact Line Is Affordable, Portable, and Recordable

AIRA Compact is a series of portable instruments by Roland that offer creative power in a compact form. These instruments provide genre-defining sounds and can be chained together or connected to MIDI gear, computers, and music apps, expanding your musical possibilities. With user-friendly controls, inspiring sounds, and creative tools, AIRA Compact instruments allow you to quickly transform simple ideas into spontaneous musical masterpieces. They are designed for musicians on the go, offering portability without compromising on musical potential. Each model, such as the S-1, T-8, J-6, and E-4, offers unique features and sounds, from a micro polysynth inspired by the legendary SH-101 to a rhythm factory powered by TR drums and TB-303 bass.

AIRA Compact instruments provide a balance between portability and power. They are small enough to fit in a pocket and feature tactile panels to enhance creativity. With onboard lithium-ion batteries, you can enjoy hours of continuous music-making on a single charge. The instruments offer ample connectivity options, allowing you to synchronize and control multiple units, connect with audio and MIDI devices, and communicate with computers and mobile music apps via USB-C. Built with Roland's renowned quality, AIRA Compact instruments are built to withstand years of musical exploration and can be used for composing on the go, busking, live performances, and computer music production.

Roland AIRA S-1 Tweak Synthesizer

Introducing the S-1 Tweak Synthesizer, an ultra-portable polysynth that draws inspiration from the legendary SH-101, this musical marvel embodies the authentic sound of the original SH-101, all thanks to Roland’s advanced Analog Circuit Behavior (ACB) technology. Alongside this, users are empowered to craft innovative tones via tools such as powerful oscillator drawing, oscillator chop, and riser. The synth showcases diverse modes - mono, poly, unison, and chord - with a four-voice polyphony and a variety of oscillators - square, sawtooth, sub, and noise. It boasts a hands-on panel with familiar synth controls, allowing instant sound shaping and live performance tweaks, all accompanied by an onboard keyboard with a two-plus octave range.

Further enhancing its capabilities, the polysynth features a 64-step sequencer and 64 patterns, providing on-the-spot song creation. It also hosts a suite of advanced programming tools, including motion recording, probability, sub step, last step, and velocity, plus an easy-to-use arpeggiator with eight phrase types. The D-Motion feature takes innovation to another level, enabling control of pitch, mod, and other parameters by physically moving the S-1. To fine-tune your sound, a range of delay, reverb, and chorus effects are included. 

Roland T-8 Beat Machine

The Roland T-8 Beat Machine is an ultra-portable rhythm and bass machine, this new Roland device delivers authentic Roland sounds, acting as a modern music-making powerhouse. It features six rhythm tracks equipped with sounds derived from the iconic TR-808, TR-909, and TR-606 drum machines. Accompanied by a bass track enriched with sawtooth/square waveforms and hands-on controls, it captures the essence of the legendary TB-303 Bass Line. Powering this machine is the Analog Circuit Behavior (ACB) technology that expertly recreates the tonality and behavior of vintage Roland instruments, ensuring that the classic sounds remain faithful to their origins.

With a user-friendly TR-REC drum sequencer, musicians can compose 64 unique patterns, each with up to 32 steps. Advanced rhythm programming is made possible with features such as probability, sub step, last step, and velocity. Real-time recording is complemented by impressive performance features like step loop, mute, fill, reload, and pattern shift. A variety of audio effects such as delay, reverb, overdrive, and sidechain compression allow for sound customization and processing. 

The Roland J-6 Chord Synth, endowed with the renowned Roland JUNO-60 sound and modern features, is a portable song creation machine that guarantees professional sound quality. It enables musicians to create with 100 chord sets that span across classic and contemporary music genres. Adding more flavor to the chords, the J-6 comes equipped with the ability to include arpeggios and rhythmic phrases via nine styles with 12 variations in each. The device also boasts a programmable chord sequencer, allowing 64 user patterns with up to 64 steps each. It houses a four-voice JUNO-60 synth engine which reproduces the authentic sound of the original, thanks to Roland's Analog Circuit Behavior (ACB) technology. Further, it includes 64 ready-to-play synth presets drawn from the iconic JUNO-60.

To provide musicians with control over their sound, the J-6 offers filter and envelope controls for shaping synth sounds in real time. It also comes with high-quality delay and reverb effects with customizable settings to add extra depth to your music. 

The Roland E-4 Voice Tweaker is a versatile vocal performance tool, equipped with a suite of powerful voice transformer effects. Users can instantly shape the sound with pitch and formant sliders, tailoring their output to suit a wide range of styles. Advanced vocal effects such as Auto Pitch, harmony, and vocoder are at your fingertips, allowing for impressive vocal enhancements. Unique rhythmic effects can be dialed up using the Scatter knob, adding an unexpected twist to performances. High-quality reverb, echo, tempo delay, and chorus effects allow for fine-tuning of the output sound. A low-cut filter and noise gate are also included to eliminate unwanted sounds, ensuring a clean vocal output. The E-4 even features a 24-second looper, which offers unlimited overdubbing, undo/redo, and automatic BPM detection, transforming a single voice into a full orchestral performance.

Supporting external MIDI control, the E-4 provides control over pitch, harmony, and vocoder functions, enabling users to dive deeper into sound manipulation. It includes a ¼-inch mic input with wide-ranging gain control and headphone output with support for an inline mic. The robust construction of the E-4 ensures its durability, while the versatile and powerful vocoder can transform the user's voice in a myriad of ways, from changing vocal gender to simulating sounds from outer space or mechanical personas. The 24-second looper facilitates creating layered vocal compositions, all of which can be enhanced and manipulated using the Scatter knob, harmony effects, and Auto Pitch for precise tuning or creating popular hard-tuned pop sounds.

For seamless integration, all four of the device offers comprehensive connectivity options with audio, MIDI, and sync I/O plus AIRA Link. It also comes with a class-compliant USB-C audio/MIDI interface—no drivers needed. Designed for portability, it includes a lithium-ion battery that offers up to 4.5 hours of operation per charge. Finally, the device's sturdy construction, high-quality rubber pads, and the option to connect to other AIRA Compacts and standard MIDI devices with optional BOSS TRS MIDI cables ensure a dependable, versatile musical companion.

The Roland AIRA Compact series truly stands as a testament to Roland's commitment to provide powerful, user-friendly, and portable musical instruments. These devices seamlessly merge classic sounds with contemporary design, embodying versatility in a compact form. From the intricate synth controls of the S-1 to the rhythm prowess of the T-8, every instrument in this series champions a unique aspect of music production. The J-6 and E-4 add to the series' versatility, offering comprehensive features and unique sound-shaping capabilities. With hours of battery life, these instruments are ready to accompany you wherever your musical journey may lead - from impromptu jam sessions to elaborate live performances. The AIRA Compact series is more than just a line of instruments; it's a creative toolkit ready to transform your musical ideas into sonic reality, no matter where inspiration strikes.