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Saturday, September 23 | Showroom Sessions ft. Sherman, Limanjaya

Join us for Showroom Sessions, a monthly series of curated electronic music. Hear some of the region's boldest voices in ambient, experimental, dance music, and more. Proudly presented by Patchwerks with generous support from the community. This month, we host the talents of Portland-based Limanjaya and local head Sherman.

3PM Sherman

Sherman is a vinyl nerd who runs Selector Records on Capitol Hill in Seattle.

Sherman’s been dabbling with gear since around 1997, and after many years of trying out different pieces has settled on a couple Critter & Guitari Organelles running custom patches, running through a Memory Man (w/ Hazarai, of course) delay pedal, building bizarre polyrhythms that on occasion sound good. On the spot beats intricately twist around each other, get manipulated, finagled, and fade into more intricate grooves.

Sherman has releases on Telomere Plastic, iLLikoi, Basement Sounds, and new local label Basement State.


4PM Limanjaya

Joshua Limanjaya Lim is a modular synthesist and producer residing in Portland, OR. He uses sample flips, glitchy beat repeats, and infectious melodies to craft his sound. Whether he is performing ambient, hiphop, or house music, the goal is always to get people moving. His latest album, UNTITLED 2023, is out now on all streaming platforms.

IG: https://www.instagram.com/_limanjaya/
Bandcamp: https://limanjaya.bandcamp.com
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1W5Ff2vPDET8biMToogxwH?si=qXLudRCxQP6UnycctavQ4w